Recent Projects

We provide solutions for hi-tech companies on projects that they cannot execute or have difficulty doing in-house. 

Check Point (2011-2014):
  • Modified Linux IPV6 protocol stack. This was a fairly large project completed in record time. It enabled critical IPV6 support for Check Point's firewalls. 
  • Linux kernel work for both the SPLAT (Secure Platform - X86) and the Check Point Series 80 (ARM) Appliance. 
  • xDSL support for Check Point systems.
Lumus Ltd. (2011): 
The Lumus solution for wearable displays is a disruptive technology. We worked on a portable ARM-based portable device based on the TI OMAP 3 processor. The hardware supported the 3-D display, 3 axis accelerometer, magnetic compass, camera and keypad. We provided a complete SDK for Lumus's customers.

Skiff LLC (2009-2010):
Skiff LLC (formerly FirstPaper), a Hearst Corporation subsidiary, developed an Ereader, with high pixel screen resolution (1200 x 1600 pixels) and 11.5 inch format. The device, demo-ed at CES in January 2010 to good reviews (engadget). Production of the device was canceled a few months after it was announced and Skiff was sold.

We ported the Linux operating system to this quite complex hardware. The processor used is a Marvell CPU, small, highly integrated and power efficient. The project involved quite a lot of interfacing to hardware and pondering over schematics. The power management for this device is quite sophisticated. We also provided the development environment and the application framework for Skiff's application programmers.

AiTech Inc. (2009): 
A port of the Open Source X11 window system server to the VxWorks operating system running on a PPC CPU. Support for OpenGL was also provided. This project involved porting massive amounts of code from Linux to a fundamentally different operating system, under severe time pressure. The project was completed on time and was well received by the customer.

Araneo Ltd. (2008-2009): 
A VOD system  implemented as a custom design adapted to the unique operating environment of the South African operator. The VOD network protocol was designed to be efficient for the servers and highly resistant to network errors. The VOD system dealt with stored content and real-time video in a unified manner. Both the STB middleware and the VOD server software were designed and written for this project. Despite its technical success, the project was terminated for commercial reasons.

Lantiq  (2007-2008): 
The original client was Metalink which was acquired by Lantiq. The hardware was WLANPlus™, a high-throughput IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN technology.The project had two phases: 
  1. Converting an existing MS-Windows NDIS driver to a Linux kernel driver.
  2. A new implementation of the device driver was written from scratch resulting in significantly higher performance.
This driver is still used in Lantiq's SOC's.
    Comverse Inc. (1996-1998):
    1. Tcp/Ip protocol stack for the iRMX operating system.  Intel had tried three times to provide a working stack for its iRMX customers without success. I developed a working protocol stack for Orbotech Ltd. and later licensed It to Comverse Systems which used the software for over 15 years with great success. This software provided critical capability that allowed Comverse to pass the one billion $ mark in revenues.
    2. I also developed NFS client and server capability for iRMX systems.
    Orbotech (1985-present):
    Long term consulting and development work:
    1. Kernel Drivers: Solaris and Linux.
    2. Implemented an embedded OS for SPARC that included a TCP/iP networking stack.
    3. Networking protocol stacks.
    4. PCIe drivers.
    5. Linux training.
    Academia: Computer Science lecturer and advanced degree thesis adviser at Bar Ilan University, Israel. I have also given many courses to industry.