Remote Graphics

Remote Android Graphics

Chromebooks, BYOD and Wearables
A slide deck for the presentation "Android in the Cloud: Chromebooks, BYOD and Wearables" can be found at ppt, pdf or slideshare.

Structured Procedural Compression
The presentation "Structured Procedural Compression" deals with methods to compress graphic rendering streams. Here is the pdf version.

The Challenge of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise
This presentation "The Challenge of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise was released on January 17th 2014. Here are the pdf and slideshare versions.

On The Convergence of Chrome OS and Android
This presentation "On The Convergence of Chrome OS and Android" was released on January 7th 2014. Here are the pdfppt and slideshare versions.

The Whitepaper
This  whitepaper(pdf) describes Ascender Technologies' remote rendering technology.

Remote Android Graphics - Overview
This presentation(pdf) has a four page executive summary(pdf)

Android In The Cloud:
A Strategic View
This document(pdf) details the impending strategic challenges of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and explains how the technology of Ascender provides a solution.

Colloquium Slides
These slides are from a colloquium given at the Bar Ilan University computer science department in May 2012.