Master's Theses

I have advised 16 master's students at the Bar Ilan department of Computer Science for their master's theses.

Avishay Jakoby, A Compiler for Vector Processors
Baruch Rosenbaum, An Analysis of a Real-Time Local Network

                    Communications Protocol
Oded Mass, An Extension Language for Graphical User Interfaces
Rami Druker, A C++/Linda Model for Distributed Objects (joint with Ariel Frank) 
Pinchas Weisberg, Structured Debugging with Windows
Vladimir Reznikov, New Methods for Data Visualization
Mark Birman, Web Navigation Organizer
David Front, Dependency Browser: A Software Visualization Tool for 

                    Software Static Control/Data Dependency

Yossi Srebnogur, Simplification of Network Application Programming 

                    Interface for UNIX Systems
Arik Halperin, Visualization of N-Dimensional Search Results using a 

                    Pseudo-Physical Model
Eitan Yarden, Debugging Linux Device Drivers

Gil Alfi, Union File-system 

Ariel Velikovsky, Stream Control Transmission Protocol: Kernel-level 

                     Implementation and Analysis in Linux OS 
Eliad Lubovsky, Memory Management Extensions to Kernel Mode Programming

Mor Brosh, Circuit Emulation Service - Voice Over Packet

David Shadmi, Network Address Translator (NAT) Application Level Gateway,

                    A Systematic Approach