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Gokyo Ri (Nepal)

This picture was made by piecing together 25 normal photographs taken by a tripod mounted film camera. The original photographs had a 3.25o misalignment of the tripod's axis, various len's geometric distortions, exposure and color correction problems. After various digital manipulations the pictures were stiched together to create one continuous 360o panorama. Notice that the extreme right and left of the panorama show the same location (but not the same color balance). I'm the leftmost person in the green down jacket. Everest is over my left shoulder. Click on the photograph below to see a 50% reduced version of the original panorama.

Image joel

Pictured left to right: Joel Isaacson, Yedidia Fraiman, Tuvia Ehrlich, Sandy Colb, Yehezkel Kartin, Dunny Rabinovitch