About Us

"The difficult I'll do right now.

The impossible will take a little while."

Our development methods are simple yet very effective. We enable our clients to leverage Open Source solutions by providing capabilities developed over many years of consulting. The power of Linux, the Open Source community and the Internet are leveraged to deliver customized solutions.

Ascender Technologies is known for delivering solutions to the most challenging software problems: when you cannot do it in-house, ask us. Tackling the most difficult software problems is our specialty.


  • Consulting
    • We consult on all aspects of Open Source source, and help our clients choose and use the most appropriate technologies for their applications.
  • High Level Design
    • Our wide range of experience in high tech projects enables us to help our customers design optimal solutions. Areas of expertise include
  • networking,
  • image processing,
  • automation, and
  • embedded applications.
  • Implementation
    • Ascender Technologies delivers complete solutions including:
      • Kernel Modifications
      • Device Drivers
      • Applications
      • Complete Turnkey Applications
    • Custom Embedded Environments
      • Custom Linux systems to fit into a variety of small machines, tailored exactly for the application are designed to meet client specifications.
  • Porting
    • To take advantage of the Open Source model, we help our clients migrate their applications from other operating systems to Linux.
  • Training
    • Custom-designed courses speed up the learning curve of our clients' software teams. Examples of our custom courses include:
      • Linux Internals
      • Writing Device Drivers
      • Advanced Linux Application Development
      • Rapid GUI development under Linux
      • FreeBSD Internals
      • TCP/IP Programming